State Of Mind Theme


3 Column Split, widget-ready theme reminiscent of Old World Style with red leather and wood highlights. Fixed width featuring an author box, author info page, gravatars and highlighted author comments in the comments section along with custom Archives, Sitemap and full width No Sidebars page templates. Tested in Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE6 and IE7. And as with all my themes it’s valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 out of the box.

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About Mina

I'm just a regular person who spends her days at work on the computer and comes home and spends her evenings on the computer. I've been using WordPress for over 3 years and after enjoying all the WP community has to offer I've decided it's time for me to give back. This is my humble attempt at that.
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22 Responses to State Of Mind Theme

  1. Ron says:


    Great themes, but there seems to be a problem with the latest version of State of Mind.
    If you check out your preview in the WordPress Themes directory, you can see that the menu bar is off. (The demo here on your site doesn’t show the error.)

    I noticed it on one of my websites when I recently updated the theme. I’ve gone through the style.css and compared it to version 1.0, but I didn’t find anything.

    The State of Mind is a great theme except for this one problem which occurred in version 1.1. Could you check it out?


  2. Ron says:

    Thanks Mina!

    I understand. It’s almost like the battle some plugin authors are having trying to make their plugins work in IE6 and all of the newer browsers.

    For a while I was trying to maintain several different versions of WordPress, but I finally switch all of them to ver. 2.7.

    Thanks again,

  3. t.fallica says:

    i too am seeing a skewed menu bar….i guess i could use the modified file also….thanx
    also seeing that you designed the theme is there a way to move the google adsense ads from the posts to the sidebars?

  4. t.fallica says:

    thanx…i’ll try that….one last question….can I superimpose my logo on the header somehow?

  5. t.fallica says:

    ok….i cannot find the modified menu file….i am directed to a ‘what is php’ page

  6. Hi: I am a new blogger and I am using your state of mind theme in my blog. A few comments which I received asked that I increase the font size of my posts. I went in to the code for the theme but cannot seem to find the line in which I need to make a change to increase the font size. Is there a way in which I can increase the font size? thanks chuck

  7. Marie says:

    I’m using the Cascading Pages plugin and your theme doesn’t seem to recognize it when I add the page widget.

  8. Marie says:

    To be more specific about the Cascading Pages, the pages are indented but I can’t collapse/expand them.

  9. Marie says:

    Sorry – it was Collapsing Pages. That’s what I get for posting after trying to work on the website all weekend with my husband.

    This did work with the Magazine Basic theme so I know it does work.

    Unrelated question. The horizontal navigation with the page names doesn’t seem to like it when there’s more than one line of pages. The graphic doesn’t expand and the second row of names is just kind of hanging there. You can see it on the site.

  10. Marie says:

    I hang my head in shame. I let my husband do something. He put the Pages widget in the sidebar, not the Collapsing Pages.


    I sent you an e-mail about the horizontal navigation but to keep things current here, the change works in IE but doesn’t work in FF.

  11. Mina says:


    I know, that problem is caused by trying to make use of the new 2.7 menu feature AND still be compatible with 2.6.

    I have a fix for it and will email the modified file to you.

  12. John says:

    Could I also get the fix for the Menu bar. Great theme.

    Thank you

  13. Mina says:

    Hi John,

    Absolutely, I’ve emailed you the modified file.

  14. Ben says:

    Thanks for all the work you put into the great themes. Can you please send me a the modified file for State Of Mind Theme.

    Thanks again

  15. Mina says:


    Email sent!

  16. Mina says:

    Email sent. :D

    As for the adsense thing…try a text widget or possibly a plugin, I know they have several available.

  17. Mina says:

    You certainly can put your own logo in the header.

    But as you can see from my themes, I’m not real good with creative graphics so all I can say is to use a good graphics program and play around. Photoshop is best but expensive. Gimp is pretty good and it’s free…my favorite price.

    Unfortunately the finer points of graphic design are a bit above my head so I can’t offer too much advice…at least not GOOD advice. :D

  18. Mina says:

    Wow, that’s weird. I’ll try sending it again.

    If it doesn’t work this time just go to the WordPress Theme Directory and re-download the State Of Mind theme and take the menu.php file from there. They just approved an updated version of this theme today that fixed this issue.

  19. Mina says:


    After a visit to your site it seems you’ve already fixed it. :D

  20. Mina says:

    I wasn’t able to find this plugin in the directory so I could download and test it myself so I know nothing about it.

    Have you checked with the plugin author or their site to see if there is any information on this?

  21. Mina says:

    I installed this on my test servers and using the State Of Mind theme (as well as some others) and for me it’s working fine in all situations. I can’t get it to not work. There is also the possibility that if you are using other plugins that require javascript they could be causing a conflict.

    I noticed on your site that the expand and collapse graphics are missing. Did you remove them? Perhaps in removing the graphics some functionality to expand or collapse by clicking the page names was also removed.

    The plugin author should be able to help more as he knows his plugin much better than I do. He answers questions here and he also has a forum.

    As for the menu bar not expanding…it wasn’t originally designed to. But with that said if you go to Admin >> Appearances >> Editor >> style.css and find this line:

    .menu { float: left; width: 953px; height: 30px; margin-left: 19px; padding: 0; display: inline; background: url(images/menu_bg.gif) no-repeat; border-top: #61574a 3px double; } and replace it with this one:

    .menu { float: left; width: 953px; min-height: 30px; margin-left: 19px; padding: 0; display: inline; background: url(images/menu_bg.gif) repeat; border-top: #61574a 3px double; border-bottom: #61574a 3px solid; } and upload the new graphic I’ll email to you it should work.

  22. Mina says:

    I’m glad the pages thing worked out, it had me going a bit.

    When I worked up the menu thing this morning I did it in FF. What’s it doing (or not as the case maybe)? When I view it in FF it’s seems to be working for me.

    You didn’t let your husband at it did you? :D