Recommended WordPress Hosts

There are literally hundreds of web hosting companies. Some good, some bad, and only a few that are great.

If you are looking for inexpensive, reliable WordPress hosting (or hosting for just about any type of site really), I highly recommend HostGator.

The uptime and speed of their servers is fantastic, even on their cheapest hosting plan. Perhaps most importantly though, is that their support goes above and beyond to help you with any issues. This may not seem important now, but after having some bad experiences with other hosting companies I can tell you that it is more than frustrating not to have any help with your site!

I believe in it so much that is hosted with HostGator.

If you haven’t used HostGator before then you should use a HostGator coupon code to save on your order. Depending on the hosting plan you choose a coupon could save you 25% on your order, or make your first month of hosting only 1 cent!

Overall, I highly recommend that you use HostGator to host your site and suggest that you visit to find a current Hostgator coupon to save on your order.

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